Kirk Waible: An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney for Young Adults

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help right away

Being accused of breaking the law is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. You could suddenly be incarcerated even before a finding of guilt. A person faces the possibility that they may have to post a significant cash or surety bond to be released from jail pending the resolution of their charges. If you are released, the Court may impose restrictions on your liberty to include where you live, whom you can associate with, where you can travel to, as well as require electronic monitoring and substance abuse testing. Experienced criminal defense attorney Kirk Waible can appear at an initial bond hearing and advocate for a lower or personal recognizance bond as well as reasonable conditions of your release from custody. Contact attorney Kirk Waible if your loved one has been arrested and is scheduled for their initial bond hearing in Larimer or Jackson County. 

A criminal conviction has long lasting consequences 

In addition to facing immediate liberty and financial penalties, a criminal conviction can complicate life in many ways to include:  

  • negative employment consequences,
  • loss of voting rights while incarcerated for a felony conviction,
  • the inability to practice certain professions,
  • the inability to obtain certain student loans,
  • increased penalties for future convictions,
  • loss of the 2nd amendment right to own or possess firearms or other weapons,

You have rights when accused of a crime in Colorado

Experienced criminal defense attorney Kirk Waible can help you exercise the rights you have if you are accused of a crime in Colorado. These rights include: 

  • The right to be presumed innocent of this crime,
  • The right to a public and speedy trial to a jury of 12 whose verdict must be unanimous,
  • The right to see, hear and cross-examine any witnesses called against you,
  • The right to subpoena and call witnesses on your own behalf,
  • The right to either testify or remain silent as you choose,
  • The right to the effective assistance of counsel
  • The right to appeal a conviction to a higher court

Effective Negotiations with the District Attorney

While it is important to have a criminal defense attorney who has had two decades of trial experience, the vast majority of criminal charges in Colorado are settled without expensive litigation. Through effective advocacy, attorney Kirk Waible has resolved thousands of his clients cases to their satisfaction through the plea bargain process that limits their criminal liability, punitive sanctions, and collateral consequences. In many cases, a favorable resolution of a criminal indictment can result in the eventual dismissal of some or all of the charges. Experienced criminal defense attorney Kirk Waible has worked with forensic social workers, private investigators, and the Northern Colorado therapeutic community to gather mitigation evidence to help tell your story to the probation department, the evaluation team at Larimer County Community Corrections, the prosecution and the Court. Contact attorney Kirk Waible if you are seeking to resolve your criminal case through effective negotiations with the district attorney resulting in a community based sentence focused on treatment and restorative justice.