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Please provide the following necessary details in the contact form: 

1. The best way and time to connect with you. 

2. Whether you are seeking assistance with adult criminal defense, juvenile defense, counsel on the Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act, record sealing, or you are a victim of a crime looking for counsel on navigating the criminal justice system. 

3. If the adult criminal or child's juvenile case is still under investigation, whether the police want to speak to you or your child and what crime is being investigated. 

4.  When charges have already been brought: 

  • The date and time of the next hearing;
  • What courtroom or judicial officer is assigned to the case; 
  • Your understanding of the charges; 
  • The Court case number if one has been assigned. The Court case number starts with the year the case was initiated, has an "M" for misdemeanor, "T" for traffic "CR" for a felony, and "JD" for a juvenile delinquency case after the year and ends with a set of numbers that designate the timing of the charges relative to other similar cases in the jurisdiction. 
  • If you or your loved one has only received a summons and were not in arrested, provide the summons number;
  • Any prior history in the juvenile or adult criminal justice system. 

5. If someone you love is incarcerated in an adult jail or detained in a juvenile facility please provide in addition to the above information: 

  • If bond has been set; 
  • Where your loved one is incarcerated. 

6. Information on whether the person in need of legal representation has a physical or mental health concern. 

Filling out the contact form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Therefore, reserve a discussion of the relevant facts to the private consultation with attorney Kirk Waible.

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