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Rights of Colorado Children Accused of Juvenile Delinquency

At High Country Defense & Consulting, our experienced juvenile defense attorney Kirk Waible understands that children need a strong defense. Never agree to let your child speak to the police before you and they are able to speak to an attorney in confidence who can give you strategic counsel on what to do.  Anytime a child is involved in the juvenile justice system, their entire futures are at risk. Keeping your child's record clean and making sure their futures are not at risk is imperative.

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A criminal conviction has long lasting consequences 

In addition to facing immediate liberty and financial penalties, a criminal conviction can complicate life in many ways to include:  

  • negative employment consequences,
  • loss of voting rights while incarcerated for a felony conviction,
  • the inability to practice certain professions,
  • the inability to obtain certain student loans,
  • increased penalties for future convictions,
  • loss of the 2nd amendment right to own or possess firearms or other weapons,

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A Legal Path to Natural Medicine Treatment

If you are licensed by 2022 Natural Medicine Health Act and are following the rules for licensees, you cannot be prosecuted the state or any locality for a violation of Colorado criminal law. You can't be subject to a civil fine. Your Colorado Constitutional Rights to be protected against unreasonable searches, seizures and arrests are not compromised if you are following the rules for licensees. Your assets are not subject to forfeiture unlike in standard drug prosecutions.

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